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ASMBits — Assembly Language Practice

ASMBits is a collection of small assembly language programming exercises. There are currently exercises for ARMv7 and Nios II architectures.

Most of the problems require you to write a function in assembly language. ASMBits runs your code with a few test input cases, and the results are compared to those produced by our reference solution.

How to use ASMBits

  1. Choose an instruction set: Nios II or ARMv7
  2. Choose an exercise. For example, Return from function (Nios II) or Return from function (ARMv7)
  3. Write a solution and debug it
  4. Submit

If you want to track your progress or move to another browser, create a username and password so you can log in from elsewhere.

Which exercises should I do?

The exercises are organized by topic and by approximately difficulty within each topic. Start first with the "Getting Started" section to get familiar with how to use ASMBits. Then start with the easier problems of each topic. The "More short programs" exercises aren't necessarily more difficult, but they can cover multiple topics so they don't fit neatly into one specific section.

Problem Sets