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You are given a rectangle with width w and height h. There are also rectangular tiles of width w2 and height h2. How many columns and rows of these w2×h2 tiles does it take to completely cover the w×h rectangle?

Write a function that computes the number of columns and rows needed. The function has four parameters: w, h, w2, and h2. Return the number of columns (i.e., in the w direction) in r2, and the number of rows (in the h direction) in r3.

The tiles cannot be rotated. The four input parameters are 32-bit unsigned integers. w2 and h2 are guaranteed to not be zero.

Expected solution length: Around 10 lines.

Sample Input

9 × 8 rectangle, 3 × 2 tiles

Sample Output

r2=3, r3=4

This problem should use the division instructions.

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