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You have a 4-KB (kilobyte) memory that is mapped to the address range 0xff3000 – 0xff3fff. The memory should be enabled only when an address within that range is accessed.

Write a function that returns whether a given address should cause your memory to be enabled (return 1 or 0). You must not use any add, sub, mul, div, or greater/less-than comparisons or conditional branches (equal or not-equal comparisons and branches are allowed).

unsigned int memenable(unsigned int address);

In hardware, you would typically use and/or/not gates and avoid add/sub circuits due to cost. Equality comparisons with a constant can be implemented as an AND gate with some inverted inputs, but less/greater comparisons need to do subtraction, which is much more costly.

Expected solution length: Around 3 lines.

Sample Input


Sample Output


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